Molly is struggling to read. Traditional programs have yet to overcome her fear of failure, embarrassment, and rejection. But when we sat her down to read out loud to one of our gentle, responsive horses, Molly began to smile. And within a few minutes, her confidence began to blossom. 

A Path Less Taken

The equine reading activity is just one of the innovative threads in “Spurs”, a powerful, in-house pilot program designed to augment the education and impact our local public-schools through equine-enhanced educational classes, activities, and direct interaction with horses. These activities focus on equipping students to address their struggles with self-worth, identity, and personal values.

It is amazing to see how the students are drawn to the Ranch simply because they are received with kindness.”

They make real connections and work with the staff in creative modes of learning using the horse. The students learn to know, understand, and like themselves and others through take-away skills they use the minute they return to their homes and schools.

How is this possible? Like students, horses have distinct personalities and defined social roles within their herd. Students are introduced to this concept and begin to identify similarities and form connections with the horses, which opens their connection with others. 

We also work with the teachers and administrators to help them make a connection and recognize the try”, which increases each student’s ability to succeed. These tools and the outcomes realized through their student’s weekly visits to the Ranch give them more opportunities to help students achieve a successful classroom experience.

Teachers have reminded us that every student needs a caring adult, and along with many teachers, our team fills this role when the students are at the Ranch. The love and kindness that is offered to every student, no matter how much baggage they carry, shows them it is possible to realize life-change and success.

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