Macie English

I will always remember Macie’s first ride. She came to us with some riding experience, so we put her on Rooster. He was a fairlyeasy horse, but new. So, you had to be able to steer and ride fairly, well; otherwise, he would just take you straight to the gate. 

During her first lesson, I could see she was clearly having trouble understanding how to use her seat and legs to steer and influence the horse. Her frustration was apparent. She stated to another instructor, “I hope that lady knows I really can ride!” And I remember thinking that I hope she realizes her potential. Thankfully, Macie came back after that first frustrating experience. We restarted her foundation, and now, a year later, she has gone from beginner horse to riding much more challenging ones.  

Macie is now a Barn Rat”, and is an amazing assistant and groom, getting horses ready for lessons by tacking, cleaning stalls, and helping to maintain the barn. Additionally, she comes out to West Equestrian, working hard to learn Dressage and how to get her canter seat down on other horses. She had the opportunity to show in her first Dressage show, taking first place in both her trot and canter patterns with great scores. Now, when I get to teach Macie, I think “Wow, she really can ride!” 

– Instructor Cheryl West 

Macie’s love of horses began when she was around 3. She began to pester her NeeNee and PaPa (who owned several horses at the time) about wanting to ride. One day, they put her up on a mare thinking that she would be scared and want off. But, no way! Not Macie! She loved every second of it!

She grew up in Houston, and her only opportunities to take riding lessons were in the summers when she would come back to Oklahoma to visit. When she was 7, her NeeNee enrolled her in riding lessons at Stormwalker Ranch where she learned to embrace her love of horses and use that to inspiration in all aspects of her life. Macie took those lessons to heart and it has truly transformed her.

Now 15-1/2, Macie lives full time back in Oklahoma, where she is working as a Barn Rat at Stormwalker Ranch. She is continuing her weekly lessons and is involved in a summer internship program at West Equestrian. She will be a Sophomore at Bartlesville High School in the fall while continuing to work at the Ranch, participating in as many horse shows as possible, and continuing to team pen with her good friend Patrick. 

After graduation, Macie plans to join the Airforce, after which she will pursue a degree in Business, so that she will have all the future tools necessary to manage an equestrian center.

 – Sunny (Macie’s Mom)