Spotlight: Tehya Walls

Tehya Walls (Aka: Tater) has been a long-time rider and volunteer at Stormwalker Ranch. She is the daughter of Doug and Naomi Walls and little sister to Quincie. She is a 4th grader at Lincoln Elementary in Caney, KS. Tehya is a member of the Washington County 4-H Saddle Club, a member of Black Diamond Equestrians IEA and YEDA teams, and is also a pivot rider for the Coffeyville Inter-State Fair and Rodeo.

She has two horses, Miss Mare and Romeo. Miss Mare is a Pinto that she adopted from Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue. The other is Romeo, her much-loved Mustang that she is conditioning to compete in her favorite sport, Competitive Trail Riding. Together, Tater and Romeo have a goal of finishing a 50 miler! She also enjoys showing both horses in Western and English classes.

Tehya delights in playing volleyball and basketball. She loves to go hiking – preferably in the Rocky Mountains – and play on the beaches of Florida.  She dreams of being a veterinarian and a horse trainer when she grows up.