Spotlight: Kathi Barlow

Kathi Barlow is one of the Stormwalker Ranch “Reliables,” a trusted volunteer who gives of her heart and her time to the Ranch and the clients with whom we work. We would like to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on Kathi and one very unique way she has enhanced the life of her horse and others.   

Kathi shares the story in her own words.   

Every little girl dreams of owning her very own horse; one with a long, flowing mane and tail that she can braid and put colorful bows in.  Fortyseven years ago, I was blessed with a horse on Christmas morning. I had been the caregiver of a buckskin gelding named Lucky. He belonged to some family friends that lived a good distance away. I happened to live just down the street!   

After all the presents were opened, my parents prompted me with the idea that there just might be one more gift for me. I searched the tree over and discovered an overlooked envelope that read as though Lucky had written it. He said we were now lifetime partners. Never in my life had I such an exciting moment as that one!  

Lucky was my constant companion for many, many years. I rode him daily through the neighborhood, around the nearby county lake on the bridle path, through many trials, and raced across the lake dam.   

Fast forward 47 years, another little girl who has also been praying nightly for a big horse with a long, flowing mane and tail that she could braid and put bows in, went to bed dreaming that God would answer her prayers. As she was sure she had opened all her gifts, her mom prompted her with the idea that there just might be one more gift for her.  

You see, Susie has been coming to my house to ride my horse named Kitty. Susie fell in love with her. Kitty is a gentle, old soul that has taught many small children to love the magic of horses. She is a trusted caregiver to the young.  

I felt the nudge from the Lord that I was to pass the baton and give Kitty to Susie. I had been the recipient of a special horse myself, and now God wanted to bless her. I listened to His still, small voice. What a privilege it is to share in God’s plans.  I was blessed many times over when I played the video of Susie opening the letter from Kitty telling her that they were now lifetime partners. A flood of memories graced my mind, and I wept tears of joy.  God is so good. 

Now our God, we give you thanks and praise your glorious name. – 1 Chronicles 29:13