The Stormwalker Way

As our year comes into its final month, there is so much I want to share. However, I thought I would sum it all up by sharing this note from one of our clients who is walking through addiction recovery. 

“I’ve learned so much about myself, my pitfalls and dependencies. How my desperation to love and be loved has created an inability to set healthy boundaries which I’ve discovered is my greatest challenge. Every time I’m at the ranch I find new obstacles that I’ve been unaware of, but through God and faith, I now see that I’ve got tools to overcome anything life throws at me. Every visit is a blessing, a new light, a new aspect, a new hope to experience a life worth living. SWR and KISA Recovery have saved my life and kept three wonderful children from being orphaned and lost in this world. I love you all!” 

This touched my heart as few things do. It is the gravity of the human spirit. It is my prayer that it reaches your heart as well. This is the outcome we seek from God for every soul who comes to the Ranch, who enters our barn, paddocks, arenas or pens. If you believe in outcomes like these and desire to see deep, meaningful changes transpire in hurting broken people, then we challenge you to join us in supporting this ministry financially. We need your passionate Partnership! 

Being there for kids, teens and adults who are walking through the storms of life, falling down, getting back up, learning, and pressing onward…unearthing places of strength, new insights and gaining solace and dignity in the process. This is the Stormwalker Way! 

By your prayerful support and financial gifts, please help us continue to make the difference in transforming the lives that God brings to Stormwalker Ranch. Click on the Partner button to identify your opportunities to give. 

Thank you so much, and may you enjoy a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!