Sponsor a Horse

As I watched from the rail, the trainer leaned toward me sharing why he was telling my best friend to check the position of her feet in the stirrups. I was 11 years old and thrilled that he thought enough to share the information with me. My family could not afford a horse or riding lessons, but for 7 years I faithfully attended my friend’s lessons watching, listening and learning. 

It led to leasing my first horse in my first year of college. For two years, Levi, changed my world, my focus, and taught me many things about life. Similarly, many children and adults, young and old, come to Stormwalker Ranch to learn how to ride and receive life lessons from our horses. Owning their own horse is often not possible, nor a practical option. But befriending a horse and building a long-term partnership with one at the Ranch is a different story. 

We are introducing a new program called Sponsor a Horse.  You can fully or partially sponsor a Stormwalker horse and join us in providing excellent care and restorative training for them throughout the year.   

A significant part of the Stormwalker Ranch budget goes to the care of its horses. Each of our 25 horses has custom nutrition and supplement plans. Horses receive consistent Farrier (hoof) care along with regular appointments for Massage, Chiropractic, and Accuscope treatments.

Our programs can be hard on horses.  As students engage, they bring the baggage of their lives.  Uncertainty, fear, aggression, present wrong cues to horses making it difficult for them to understand what the rider wants them to do. The horse can leave the lesson not only confused but depleted. Too often organizations like ours, with the best of intentions, are so focused on helping people they are not recognizing what they are putting on their horses. We make sure we help them along by restoring them on a regular basis, reminding them of what they know, and giving them a good ride, which keeps their bodies fit through work.   

We are offering the opportunity for you to help us meet their basic requirements. Wouldn’t you like to invest further into the animal that is helping people heal, change and grow? If so, then Click here to make it possible for even greater work to be accomplished at Stormwalker Ranch.  

I’ve never regretted my decision to put forth the funds for Levi; even as a struggling college student.  In fact, I could go so far to say that it was one of my best decisions as I would not be here at Stormwalker Ranch if I had not committed to choosing that experience for myself.  

Why not give this a try for yourself! I don’t think you’ll regret it either!