Since late August, I have been visiting business upon business and engaging person after person, meeting the neighbors and partners of Stormwalker Ranch. What a great group of folks in our community! It has been a fantastic experience to share about our “gift of fun and thanks” to you in the form of the SWR Harvest Festival.

As a “people person,” there is nothing more fulfilling for me than to connect with those I know or meet new people. My husband says strangers are just friends I have not yet met. For me, that is spot-on!

I’m writing this in our final week of preparing for Harvest Festival 2019, and I am even more excited about sharing this event now than when I began promoting it in August!

The response to our call for support has been great, and we are profoundly grateful. I invite you to take a look here in the Ranch News as well as on the Harvest Festival (below) page at the list of those who have made this year’s event possible and join us in thanking the Lord for them.

As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, we remember and appreciate the outpouring of generosity from so many of our local vendors. We thank and appreciate each person and organization from the depths of our hearts for your contribution in making our annual event a “SUPERHERO” success! (“Harvest Festival” button)

As we near the close of this year, please consider financially supporting Stormwalker Ranch through Rider Scholarships, program needs or project funding. (“Be an SWR Partner” button) And may the Lord bless your generosity!

We thank you so much for partnering with us as we serve this community by Helping Horses, Help People.

By the way, if you are a friend or someone I’ve just recently met as I have gone “All About Town,” thank you again for your smile, your handshake, your hug, and your financial partnership with Stormwalker Ranch.

May you all be abundantly blessed this season – Happy Thanksgiving!