From Private to Community Funding

Photo credit/copyright: Chris Landsberger/The Oklahoman

Last week at the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast, Governor Kevin Stitt, introduced a new initiative called, Be a Neighbor. It has been described as “a platform to identify and unify non-profits, community organizations and faith-based groups across the state who provide programs that are meeting the needs of vulnerable populations in their communities.”* Stitt stated, “This initiative seeks to strengthen connections and drive efficiency in the delivery of those resources so that we can best serve the person who needs help to achieve lasting change.”

I was amazed when I compared Stormwalker Ranch to these statements. We are faith-based, a community organization, and on the path to completing our non-profit status. We are also focused on using our resources to “best serve the person who needs help to achieve lasting change.” 

Each month we ask that you Partner Up! to help us meet these ongoing objectives. We are thrilled that our mission and the standard outcomes of our program are already in alignment with this vision for the state of Oklahoma! Impacting and influencing “our neighborhood” is being accomplished by “Helping Horses Help People”.

So, what’s next, and how can you help?

We are in the beginning phase of transitioning the Ranch from private funding to community donor support, and we need your help. 

Last month in my blog, our SWR Tour & Lunch Program was introduced to familiarize people with the inner workings of the Ranch. Our focus is to build a stronger donor support through community funding. We want people to come, learn and experience the incredible work we provide for participants eager to engage in and achieve new outcomes for themselves. Please click below for more details or use the form below to schedule a tour and lunch.

It is through generous giving hearts and hands that we will transition from private funding to a community funding model while continuing what we have begun and growing our programs, operations and projects going forward.

Please consider how you can Partner Up! with us to continue impacting our community for everyone’s benefit. All donations we receive are tax deductible, most welcome, needed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

* Hicham Raache posted:, Feb 18, 2020

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Send us a note with the form below and we will contact you to set up a lunch date!


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