You Have Nothing Without Forward

If you have been following Stormwalker Ranch for the past year, you have heard a theme running through our articles, our camps, and our talk track. “Partnership!”  

The foundation of great horsemanship is Partnership. Building a partnership with your horse in order to accomplish your goals. Partnership is the foundation of all great endeavors. I think about the companies we have built, and the greatest accomplishments have come from great partnerships in those companies. We believe that if we can teach our riders how to build partnerships with their horses, they can, in turn, learn to build partnerships with their friends, family, community, and Creator.  

A theme you are going to hear a lot in the year ahead is all about “Forward”.  We have had the privilege of sending Valerie Eshleman and my mother-in-law, Elayne Scott, out to work with a great horseman, Dennis Reis. Connecting with Dennis again, we are reminded – and the girls have been reminded daily – if you don’t have Forward, you do not have anything.   

If you can’t get your horse to move forward, you are stuck. It is also true in life. If we are not moving forward, we are stuck, and often stuck in the past. In observing our own Kelley Goodall as she is providing life-coaching around the Ranch, I continue to hear her talk about the importance of moving forward, and even more, moving forward with intention.   

With a foundation built on partnership, we can move forward together. It is my hope that we are building a partnership with each of you. There are many ways to get involved.  Let’s move forward together. And in that partnership, I encourage you to move forward with us as a volunteer or financial partner.