Building Partnerships

The mission of Stormwalker Ranch stresses the importance of building partnerships. Through building equine partnerships, our riders learn to build partnerships within their family, their friends, the community and do so in right relationship with our Creator.

The Ranch itself also needs to build strong partnerships in order to be sustained and flourish. We can think of no one better to help us with this exciting opportunity than long-time friend, Kelley Goodall, whom I’ve had the honor of knowing for close to 40 years.

After years of working in the Information Technology space, Kelley now returns to her roots, serving the Lord in outdoor programs and coaching. Kelley joins our full-time team as our Director of Development and Coaching Ministries. 

Kelley graduated from Biola University in Recreation & Camp…

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Born To Resist

by Byron Hogan

Training horses will test your mettle. They are hardwired to “resist” your efforts. When it comes to training or starting horses, one must be so careful.  There is danger around every corner.  They can easily hurt you with a swift kick, a reactive buck or a hard bite.  But even with all these bad habits or tendencies, we are quick to provide a compassionate solution.  If a horse is having problems most people quickly say something to the effect of, “Well maybe he’s hurting, maybe he has a bad past, or maybe he hasn’t gotten trained…

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Comfort in Times of Trouble

by Sharon McCullough

I’ve suffered with chronic Lyme disease for the last 6-10 years. After more than a year of treatment, lack of symptoms suggest that I’m in remission. However, I still suffer severe headaches and migraines. What motivates me is my passion for horses and teaching others about horses. That, and my dogs is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I believe God wanted me to learn compassion through my health issues.

You see, in the past I’ve been pretty judgmental towards people…

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Lana Dunlap

My name is Lana Dunlap. I am a typical freshman in High School girl. Meaning I do things like ride horses and perform in high school plays.

I have been taking riding lessons at Stormwalker Ranch for about three years now, although recently I’ve had to trade my saddle time to be in a school stage production called “Radium Girls”. I play an overly dramatic reporter named Nancy Jane Harlan, who stole the spotlight from her brother Jack by bringing attention to the U.S. Radium Corporation.

But as much as I love acting, I also love riding horses. There is nothing quite like walking into the barn and getting smacked in the face by the aroma d’ equine, while being greeted by an oh so familiar duet of whinnies and Valerie’s selections from “The Little Mermaid”. 😁

Lana Dunlap Feature

SWR launches “Barn Tails” by artist Lana Dunlap


April 03: Shira – HBD. Thanks for rubbing us the right way!
April 15: Sudi – HBD to our very much loved volunteer!
April 22: Naomi – HBD to our beloved Barn Mom extraordinaire!
April 24: Kim – HBD to one of our newest & sweetest friends!

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April 17: Buckaroo Day – Sedan 3rd Grade
April 24: Buckaroo Day – Dewey Preschool
May 01: Buckaroo Day – Caney Kindergarten


The Making of a Round Pen

by Bobby Evans

A round pen’s purpose is for the training of horses and to be incorporated into lesson programs. Before building the round pen itself, we had to first surround the round pen with French Drains. We rented a mini excavator which I used to dig 3 trenches approximately 30”-34” deep. I put in 6” of clean 3/4” rock in the bottom of the ditch. Buddy helped me glue 4” PVC pipe with perforated holes facing down.  Then, I filled the ditch with more clean rock up to about 6” from the top then filled it all in with sand.  

The whole purpose of french drains is to allow the water to drain faster after a rain so the round pen can be used quickly.  Following the laying of that foundational base, was purchasing the 50’ WW Round Pen panels, and 2 x 10 and 2 x 12 boards. After I cut all the boards to their proper length, I assembled all the pieces.

So to do all of this, we rented a mini excavator which I used to dig three trenched approximately 30”-34” deep. Then we put 6” of clean 3/4” rock in the bottom of the ditch. Buddy helped me glue four PVC pipes with perforated holes facing down, placing them on top of the rock layer. Then we filled the ditch with more clean rock up to about 6” from what we want to be ground level. To top it off, we then filled the area with 6″ of sand, completely covering the rock layers. The way a french drain works is that after a rain, the water filters through the sand down to the rock layers where the water fills the gaps and leaches out into the adjacent ground. This draining allows the pen to dry out much more quickly and makes it ready to use more quickly.

With the foundation complete, we brought in and connected 50’ WW Round Pen panels. To complete the pen, we cut 2×10 and 2×12 boards to length and put them into place. And there you go, SWR has a new round pen!

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03 Round Pen Guys
02 Round Pen


From the Horse’s Mouth

Hello, my name is Amy’s Glory. Around the Ranch, I am called Glory. You may have read a story about me and my friend Josie when we first arrived here at the Ranch. 

Well, I have another story to tell. I have some scar tissue on the front of my right front fetlock. It is an old scar, and doesn’t bother me when I walk, trot or canter. But, about a month ago, I broke open my scar tissue. It really looked worse than it was. Ms. Valerie cleaned it up and treated it twice a day. Well it didn’t heal as expected, so Ms. Valerie loaded me up and took me to Pine Ridge Equine Hospital to see what they could do for me. The doctors there are very nice. They decided to perform surgery on me to help me heal my wound. I got to spend the night at the hospital, and when I woke up from the surgery, they had put a cast on me to help keep me from breaking open my wound again. I must wear this thing and be on stall rest for three weeks. It is not that bad. The people here are so great, they check on me several times a day. One day everyone signed my cast. I am so grateful to be here at Stormwalker Ranch. The people here take such good care of all us horses. 

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” – Psalm 147:3

Amy’s Glory


Gates of Grace

In the horse world, we are always opening and closing gates that have been specifically placed for the protection of our horses and riders. Some of these participants have been locked behind the gates of prison, physical, and/or emotional trauma. Gates of Grace offers outreach programs for adults in need of community, Bible-based life skills, encouragement, and more, facilitated by therapeutic equine activities: round pen, horseback riding, Equine Experiential Learning, life coaching, and a family-style meal.

Our Gates of Grace program continues to flourish, having consistently provided meaningful, weekly programing to the “City on a Hill” 28-day program (Sedan, KS). February marked the addition of a second and much larger program, KISA (Sedan, KS), averaging about 14-16 weekly. A growing number of women have been introduced to the power of healing through therapeutic equine interaction as they bravely work through their trauma, pain, questions, and desire to change.

We are continuing to explore with other local organizations that are interested in customizing programs to bring healing, change and growth…

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