Love One Another

I had to run an errand to Walmart the day before Valentine’s Day.  Apparently, everyone in town had the same idea, because the parking lot was absolutely packed. I had one purpose, to get the few items I needed and get out of the store as quickly as possible. I admit, I was feeling a little upset when I had to park farther from the door than normal. I jumped out of the vehicle and headed straight towards the door when I saw an older man walking, head down, with a backpack over his shoulder, walking slowly. After making it through the first set of doors and not making eye contact with anyone, he sat down on the bench looking hopeless and defeated. 

The store was very crowded. And, remember, I had to park what felt like a mile away, so naturally I quickly walked past him and went about my business. There were loads of flowers, candy, stuffed animals, and gifts everywhere. People were everywhere looking for that perfect gift for their loved ones. I quickly grabbed the items i wanted and went quickly through checkout because, after all, I was in a hurry.

As I exited the store, there he was still sitting on the bench looking hopeless and defeated. The Holy Spirit quickened me to speak a word of hope and encouragement to this man. I approached him and reached out my hand. He looked at me in disbelief that I would even acknowledge him. I simply asked if I could pray for him and he said “Ma’am, I will take all the prayers I can get right now.”  I prayed a simple prayer of blessing over him and shared Jesus love for him. With tears in his eyes, he thanked me, and I went on my way continuing to pray for him all the way to my vehicle.

I was reminded of Jesus’ words, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” – John 13:34

All of us have a story, a story that involves being broken and feeling hopeless. Let us set our minds to love one another with the love that Jesus so freely gave to us. I know that God’s overwhelming love touched him in that moment on that day. God’s love never fails! His love gives us Hope! His love changes our lives!