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Connections and Weavings

Caption: Alan and Kristy Spence (left). Lois and Mike Bryan (right).
Alan and Kristy Spence (left). Lois and Mike Bryan (right).

The phone rang bright and early Wednesday morning. I was getting ready to head out to the Ranch. I picked up, delighted to hear the voice of Lois Bryan.  Lois volunteers at times for SWR, being a great help to our On the Rock Ministries camps last summer. I had just seen her the day before at the Oklahoma Governor’s Prayer Breakfast.

“What’s up, Lois? How can I help you? I asked. 

“I wanted to see if I could bring my friends from California out to tour and experience Stormwalker first-hand. They were very interested in seeing what you had talked about with them yesterday.”  

“Absolutely!” I exclaimed. 

Within the hour, I was greeting Alan and Kristy Spence and showing them around our grounds. As often happens, we quickly found common ground between us and soon discovered how we shared other life connections and weavings. The Spence’s had recently retired from serving at Westminster Woods Camp and Conference Center in the California Sequoias. As life paths often cross, I shared that I had worked at that same camp shortly after college teaching outdoor education. Now here they were visiting NE Oklahoma with an interest in the powerful outcomes of what Stormwalker Ranch is doing to touch the lives of people through our mission of partnership using horses to help people. 

Whether I am traveling through town or across the countryside, it is amazing to realize how God is always at work to bring together strangers with like interests to support each other in accomplishing greater worksfor God and our fellow man; no matter what differences or distances may exist between them.  

When the Spence’s and Lois departed, we all left richer for the introductions, the shared information, and understanding about how we could support one another as the future unfolds.  This is the model I hope we will continue to experience and enjoy going forward with offering our SWR Tour & Lunch program.  

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