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Feature 2 Hands Kelley Blog February 2020

The pitch drilled towards the plate. The bat cracked as the ball connected and sailed sky high into deep left-center field. Lining up to receive the ball, it descended and smacked hard into leather. Immediately, my free hand wrapped around the ball while closing the glove.   

“Two hands, Kelley, two hands,” my father’s words echoed in my ears from the dugout those many years ago. Always, always two hands to catch, secure, and hold to make and complete the connection. No matter the task. It always works better when you use two hands.   

Recently, those words have been resounding within me as I consider the many partnerships, we have forged with some wonderful community organizations.   


Our newest connection is with Big Brothers|Big Sisters of Oklahoma Bartlesville. Thanks to the many hands that contribute to the Service League in Bartlesville, a grant was awarded to Big Brothers|Big Sisters Bartlesville, making it possible for Stormwalker Ranch to work hand in hand with the team at BBBSOK to execute an equine-assisted learning program that will help them put the hand of a “Little” into one with a “Big” in pursuit of their mentoring goals. I can hardly wait to see the growth and change of the children and their adult mentors as a result of their time spent together at the Ranch.

Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children realize their potential and build their futures. We nurture children and strengthen communities. And we couldn’t do any of it without you.


Another great example of hands working together has been Walmart and the Sedan School District. The Walmart corporation provided Sedan Elementary School with a grant for their elementary students to engage with the Ranch in our Spurs program, where students are challenged with activities that “spur” on their creativity, character and competence.  

At Chautauqua County Community Schools you find a caring and dedicated faculty and staff committed to providing our students with the best education possible.

Bringing hands together can result in great things. There are more than ten non-profit organizations and 600 public school students enjoying the benefits of the Stormwalker Ranch equine-assisted programs which are financially supported by generous and caring donors like you.  

So, if you are a set of hands or know of a set of hands who can help Stormwalker Ranch serve these worthy organizations, much like Walmart and the Service League have done, click below to find out how you too can make a two-handed catch!