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Joy as an Outcome

Have you ever considered what the outcomes are for Stormwalker Ranch?  It’s pretty simple, yet incredibly powerful! JOY! Joy in transformations and victories.

There is no greater joy than watching a woman’s eyes light up when she realizes her intense fear of the horse has dissipated, and she has complete victory as she stands next to or sits quietly on her horse because her heart is now calm and more confident than ever before.

Joy comes when observing the somber expression of a subdued boy transformed into exuberance as he moves his mount from a lope into a canter for the first time. And he shouts, “I love this! This is the best thing I have ever done!”

Recently, three teenagers decided as a family to commit to make a monthly contribution to the sponsorship of three of our beloved horses because they are grateful for the changes they have received from being Stormwalker riders. This brings us joy!

“God has given you something you can give back to this world in a way no one else can.” 

When pondering this, my thoughts immediately go to the Ranch. Why? Because it is my firm belief that our ranch environment, our mission, our staff, and our programs give to our community in ways no other can. A bold statement, I know. But just as people are unique, each staff member, horse and participant, is covered in prayer to be refined in order to help transform the lives of others.

If you are a friend of the Ranch, you know that we engage in partnership with horses to better understand ourselves as we have been created; we strive to cultivate healthy relationships, and we stretch to discover outcomes that otherwise might never have been realized. In these things, we receive great joy.

At Stormwalker Ranch, we embrace joy as an example of how giving of ourselves can result in amazing things.

This is why we do what we do.