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In a Community of Service

I am now officially a Rotarian!

I have been attending the Daybreak and Noon Rotary meetings in Bartlesville, and have learned that their primary objective is to encourage and foster: 

  1. The ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise;
  2. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity of service; 
  3. High ethical standards in business and professions…;
  4. The application of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business and community life;
  5. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through fellowship … united in the ideal of service.

I am grateful for their examples of generosity and hospitality, and offer my special thanks to Senator John Ford, for sponsoring me in becoming a member of Daybreak Rotary District 6110.

Why Rotary? Because Rotarians (Learn more at rotary.org), like Stormwalker Ranch are focused on serving our community. Our service is reflected in the equestrian therapy programs and support we are providing for organizations in our region, like On the Rock Ministries, City on the Hill Recovery, KISA Recovery, Get Real Ministries, and both Dewey and Caney Public Schools.

It’s amazing how serving promotes service! Recently, Bryan Brinlee, Program Director of the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Club, came to observe a Buckaroo Day to evaluate it for his Littles. Instead of standing by, he dove right in with the activities. He was an outstanding volunteer. We appreciate his extra hands and service to all! His participation confirmed that this was a program he wanted for his kids to engage and experience. As a result, we are exploring new ways to partner in the future. 

Our desire is to serve as we grow our sphere of exposure and influence to draw people, like Bryan, to become involved with SWR.  Please consider how you would like to contribute and help grow in the community of service.  It’s another important part of life’s ride!

See you around town!

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