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Camp is Calling…I Must Go!

I can hardly believe it! I’m preparing for our final week of overnight Trailblazers Camp here at Stormwalker Ranch. I haven’t “Been About Town” much in past weeks because our team has been focused on some of the Ranch’s core work and mission.

Since this is the last week of camp, I thought you might enjoy learning a bit about some of the things I personally get to do with the Campers in the other part of my amazing job.

Among the myriad of camp activities, I get to share and bridge life principles with the kids after they’ve had a riding lesson, worked in the Round Pen, or perhaps painted their life-story on a horse in an EEL (Equine Experiential Learning) session. It is so much fun!

It is a joy to present these concepts to our Campers and hear their responses as we help them on their journey forward. 

  • Campers start from the ground up by exploring the condition of the ground they are traveling on and discover how to build and live on a solid Foundation based upon their Beliefs and Values.
  • They learn they are made in the image of their Creator, who has a purpose and a plan for them daily.
  • They recognize their contribution in God’s creation; just like a horse contributes to their herd, each of them truly impacts their family, friends, and community. 
  • As Campers learn that horses are particular breeds, have a specific color and markings, personalities, likes and dislikes, and are even built to do certain things, they are able to explore their own personal identity, what makes them different from others, and how important that is.

I hope this sneak peek into the world of our summer camps has brightened your day, even inspired you, and revealed how special and valuable our programs are to the development of kids, youth and adults in our community.  

My personal thanks for the impact and outcomes accomplished through your financial gifts and prayerful support!

It’s 8:00 AM and camp is truly calling…time to ride!

“Partnership is caring about others not just yourself.”  – Cody

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