Life’s a Beach

Hello everyone, this is Badger.  

I want to share some more of our California adventure. We have been working so hard out here and have been exposed to so many different things. 

Dennis Reis place, Reis River Ranch, is amazing. We really like it. Dandy, Hotrod, and I have been going on trail rides where we get to canter up these hills. And Im not talking about little Oklahoma hills. Some of these hills are really steep. Sometimes we get a little worried, but Ms. Elayne and Ms. Valerie are so reassuring and confident in our abilities that we would go anywhere for them.  

One day Ms. Elayne/Hotrod, Ms. Valerie/me, Mr. Dennis, and a few of his other students got to form a Rodear, which is maneuvering a group of cattle – usually around an obstacle. Then each person and their horse had to ride into the group of cows and cut a cow from the herd. It was fun! Ms. Valerie and I actually got to cowboy-up after an escaped cow and return it to the herd. I dont know if you know much about cows, but they can be a lot faster than they look. We really had to run to catch up! Ms. Elayne and Hotrod are such good partners. It is almost like they have been working cows together all their lives. I know you might be wondering what Dandy was up to. Well, he worked so hard the first three weeks, we decided he needed a break. So, I got to work with Ms. Valerie for the last two weeks. 

For the last week, we got to do something very special. After working hard one morning, we loaded into the trailer and off we went to the beach. El Pacifico. We went along a deep-sand trail, all the while hearing the kind of roaring sound getting louder. At the end of the trail we walked out on the beach with ocean waves crashing and the wind was blowing. I may have been a little scared. 

Mr. Dennis lead us all down to the water where we started trotting along in the wet sand. This one wave came all the way up to us and Hotrod went sideways away from it, so, of course, I did too. Ms. Valerie was having so much fun which made me relax. And before long, we were cantering up and down the beach. Wow, what a day! 

The next day, we had to test out on the Freedom Course. Valerie and I had been struggling a bit in our riding portion, so she was a little nervous. Before starting, she whispered to me, Hey buddy, will you help me get through this? I know you can do it.Her confidence in me relaxed us both and we did our test, passing with some pretty good scores. Ms. Elayne and Hotrod passed all of their tests too. Nothing seems to bother Hotrod. He is a good horse. I am glad that Dandy, Hotrod, and I got to be there together.