Hotrod’s Teeth

Hi, it’s Hotrod, and I saw the dentist today. We all have a dental checkup about every six months. Some of you may not know this, but dental care for us horses is just as important as dental care for you bipeds.  

The folks here at Stormwalker Ranch make our dental care a priority for the following reasons:  

  1. It improves our health and comfort.   
  2. It helps us maintain a healthy weight.  
  3. It improves our performance.  
  4. It reduces or eliminates behaviors that compromise horse and care-taker safety such as rearing, resisting the bit, and head shaking.  

Now, you may not be aware, but horses can develop sharp points on their teeth which need to be filed down. The process of filing them down is called “floating the teeth”. Although horses don’t usually develop cavities, we can have problems with pits, chips, cracks, splits, breaks, and sharp points. And these conditions can compromise our teeth and, left untreated, could create serious problems for my horse buddies and me.  

When it was my turn to see the dentist, he gave me some medicine that helped me relaaaaax. Next, he put this thing called an equine dental speculum on my head and rinsed my mouth with an antibacterial rinse. You can see all of this stuff in the pictures. Doc said it was to help me keep my mouth open, but I think it just makes me look funny. Then he started filing down my sharp points with his shiny dental tools. And I didn’t feel a thing. He also removed plaque from my teeth. Not bad at all.

Afterward, while I was resting in my stall waiting for the medicine to wear off, the dentist cleaned his tools and got ready for his next patient.  

Even though we don’t get a sugar-free sucker as y’all do, the talk around the paddocks is that we all like having our teeth done. The Ranch staff is so good about making sure we all have the best care to keep us healthy and happy.  

See you around the barn.