Gunner’s Night Out

Hello everyone, my name is Guns Gotta Surprise. That is my registered name, but my friends call me Gunner. I know you got to read my story last summer. Well, I have a new story to tell you about what I have been through and how God looks out for all of us.

May 22nd began like any other day. I came into the barn to work, and was inside most of the day doing lessons and such. Well, that evening, about 5:00 PM, I started feeling uncomfortable. I was restless and kept needing to lay down. Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Valerie and Ms. Tracie sprang into action. 

Ms. Cheryl walked me while Ms. Valerie gave me medicine. Ms. Tracie hooked me up to her Accuscope to find out what was going on. About nine that evening, I started to feel a little better. So, Ms. Valerie went home, but she set her alarm to come and check on me every hour. The first hour she came back, I was still feeling ok. The second hour, I was not feeling well at all, so she got me out of the stall and started walking me.

About 11:00 PM, she called Dr. Loafman to come out. She kept walking me until he got there at about 12:30 AM. He gave me some meds and put this thing called an IV in me. When he finished, I still wasn’t feeling well, so Ms. Valerie called Luke and Garrett to take turns walking me so she could get some sleep. She only took a 2-hour nap and then got up, hooked up the trailer, loaded me up and headed to the big vet clinic called Pine Ridge Equine Hospital. It was one of those really bad stormy nights with WeatherWatches and all. She was great to me~

As soon as I arrived, they decided I needed to have Colic surgery that afternoon. Five days later, I was able to come home to the Ranch. I have to say, I sure missed everyone. I had these things called staples put in me to close the surgical cut.

Fourteen days later, Dr. Loafman removed my staples. He said that he has never seen a better looking scar. The folks at Stormwalker Ranch really care about all of us horses. I also think that those of us horses who end up here at SWR are some of the luckiest horses around. I am so grateful to the staff at Stormwalker. 

I still have a little way to go in my recovery before I can return to work. I guess you could say I am chomping at the bit to get back to my normal routine. Lol. Thank you to our Creator for His protection and grace. Without Him, I wouldn’t be here.

Thanks for reading my story. See ya’ll around the Ranch.

Guns Gotta Surprise

“So do not fear, I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will Strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous hand.” – Isaiah 41: 10