California Blue

Hello, my name is Captain Blue Midnite, but most of you know me as Blue. I thought I would tell you about our adventure to California. The same destination as Badgers previous two posts, but a different trip. Joining me was my little sister Quixote Peppy Chick (aka Lil Chick). We were headed to the Reis River Ranch in Petaluma, California. A beautiful place. Not as hot or humid as our Oklahoma home. 

Per usual, we were loaded up into the trailer in the way-too-early hours of the morning. Ms. Valerie wanted to leave at 2:00 am. She called it morning. I called it the middle of the night. She wanted to get to our first layover before it got too hot, she is always thinking of our comfort and wellbeing. So, who am I to complain? 

First stop, Albuquerque, New Mexico. The lady that runs the place has goats. I dont know if you know much about goats, but they smell. I was told that it was mostly the male goats. They were right! The next stop was Kingman, Arizona. This desert locale was cool with a lot of interesting cactus. Once again, we left in the early to beat the desert heat. 

Once Valerie and Jimmie got us settled on the ranch, we got to rest for a day and a half before going to work. We worked morning and afternoon, and we learned quite a bit. Some of it was a refresher because I have been to the Reis Ranch before. But for Chick, it was a new learning experience. We went on trail rides. The hills in California are tall. We were so high up, you could see for miles. The view was amazing. I think we built up some muscles from going up and down the hills. It really didnt feel like work.

After our week on the ranch, we loaded back up. This time we were in a bigger trailer because Hotrod was hitchina ride home with us. Dandy and Badger get to stay out there and learn more. On the trip back, we got to see this amazing double rainbow. It was so cool to see this reminder of Gods love and promise as we enjoyed the different regions of this country of Gods beautiful creation. 

Thanks for reading my story.