Badger, Dandy & Hotrod


Out in Californ-i-a

Hello, Badger here, I thought I would tell you the story of Hotrod, Dandy and my adventures in California. One minute we are in Oklahoma, and the next thing you know we are in California.

It all started in June. We kind of knew something was up when Ms. Valerie brought us into the barn and had us live in the stalls for a few days. She put Gatorade into our water. That was so we would drink on our journey. On June 24th we were loaded into the trailer at 3:00 am to begin our journey. We reached our first layover destination in Grants, New Mexico. They had a big arena, so Ms. Valerie and Ms. Elayne turned us out. We had a great time. We may have been a little hard to catch, but they finally got us. We left that place at 2:45 am the next morning and headed West. Our second stop was a nice place in Tehachapi, California. We were sure glad to get out of that trailer again. The next day we had a shorter drive, finally arriving at Reis River Ranch in Petaluma, California.

After three days to recover from our trip, it was time to work. Mr. Dennis is working with me. Dandy is working with Ms. Valerie. And Hotrod is working with Ms. Elayne. We start every morning working for a few hours. Then have a lunch break and back to work for a couple more hours. It is hard work, but we are learning so much. Dandy and Ms. Valerie are working very hard. You see, Dandy is pretty green, which means he doesn’t know a lot yet. Ms. Valerie is also learning a new and different way of training horses. It is tough for both of them, but they are doing well. Dandy really likes Ms. Valerie. He is a great partner for her. Hotrod and Ms. Elayne are such great partners too. Hotrod really takes good care of her…like she did for him when he was a baby. He used to lay his head in her lap and take a nap. As for me, I am gaining more confidence. Thank you for reading our adventures.

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.*

*Hebrews 4:16