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Helping Horses Help People

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Welcome to our Blog – Helping Horses Help People.   This is where you can keep up on all of the ways in which Stormwalker Ranch is helping our horses help people.   We will often find stories of others who are Helping their Horses help people and we will want to share their stories as well.

Stormwalker Ranch has a passion for “helping horses help people.” Using proven techniques and unique experiences, the Ranch works to help people build meaningful connections and relationships, develop skills for personal growth and uncover thoughts, behaviors and actions that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns. Located on almost 140 acres of northeast Oklahoma prairie, the Ranch includes a beautiful welcome center, offices, a fully enclosed indoor arena, an outdoor arena, training pens, active paddocks, indoor stalls, riding trails, forested areas, grass-covered fields, and more.

We look forward to sharing with you our stories.