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How does the Ranch "Help Horses Help People?"
By providing Halos (Horse assisted Learning Opportunities). Utilizing 3 core methodologies, the Ranch is able to engage with individuals and groups, men and women, from 8 to 98.



Through the EAGALA method, Stormwalker Ranch utilizes a team approach, partnering with licensed mental health professionals with an equine specialist, working together with horses and clients as equal partners in an experiential process that empowers life-changing outcomes.
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On the Ranch, we are always opening and closing gates specifically placed for protection. Some of our adults have been locked behind emotional or physical gates. Through therapeutic equine activities - like round pen, horseback riding, Equine Experiential Learning, life coaching, and family-style meals - they find community, acceptance & encouragement.
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Through Stormwalker Ranch’s GRIT Program. GRIT stands for Growing Relationships through Intentional Transformation which is a Life Skills Program. A program for individuals seeking to build meaningful connections and relationships, develop skills for personal growth and uncover thoughts, behaviors and actions that keep us stuck and disconnected in our relationships with ourselves and others.
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Why horses?

Being prey animals, horses are motivated by safety more than anything else. They are hard-wired to respond to threats and stimuli in an instant, relying heavily on their fight-flight-freeze mechanism. That intertwined with their life in a herd has caused them to become masters at both sending and receiving communication.

The horse was designed to live in a community, in a herd that cares for and protects one another. It is their safety net for survival. For this safety net to work properly, the relationships between the horses must be both predictable and congruent. There can be no masks. No “fakeness.” That’s what predators do. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to be real. These relationships are crucial for survival and safety.

Horses are interpreting everything around them and then respond to what they perceive could be a threat. This survival mechanism makes them highly aware of a person’s thoughts, emotions, and intentions – especially when they are not congruent. Horses, by nature function out of a “trauma brain”, operating primarily from the survival center of their brain. By observing their highly acute responses, we can receive instant biofeedback. That can be an incredible tool for growth.

By helping clients establish connection and build a relationship with a horse, we can help bring to light normal patterns and behaviors. As we learn to communicate effectively with the horse, we open pathways for growth and discovery – in who we are, and how we relate to ourselves, others and the world around us.

Horses are always present, always congruent and non-judgemental. There is now significant research showing spending time with horses can also stabilize heart rates.


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Our volunteers love horses and enjoy people, making for a fun and fulfilling time during lessons, camps, and/or special events.