Never Too Late to Start Learning

Elayne Scott

“It requires extra effort to keep the fire burning in my belly, but I hunger for more, more knowledge, more skill, more self-awareness and the horse is the greatest teacher.” 

Elayne Scott, somewhere past 80, shared with us about her riding experience at Stormwalker Ranch (SWR).

“I used to just ‘ride’ horses until I began riding with SWR clinicians and instructors.  I didn’t ride the foot, pick the foot, feel or massage the tongue or understand that horses learn good behavior from the immediate release of pressure when they do what I ask of them.  Nor did I truly understand the concept that a horse mirrors us, the human.” 

“If you want to know what your body language is saying, look at your horse, they will never lie. I know every day, every lesson, every ride is not going to be perfect, but I do my best to move forward thru the ups and downs. I’m ancient and have ridden for an eternity, but I feel good taking myself out of my comfort zone and expanding my skills. A wise person once said, ‘What’s a little discomfort when it’s time to jump in and grow’.”

Mary Jane

Mary Jane agrees as she shares what she is learning about her horse and herself. 

“Learning how to get my horse to move from the shoulders and the hind quarters, sending him out in a circle, then reversing and moving him in the opposite direction. These might seem like simple tasks, but for me, they are anything but simple.” 

Mary Jane is hungry to learn and has enjoyed working with our team and her fellow students.

“It’s been a joy to work with the group, practicing what we have been taught and enjoying the company of others that love.”

Patty Cannon

Patty Canon

Patty Cannon has learned, “to reward the slightest try, not only with our horses but in everyday life; a kind word and a pat on the back go a long way”. 

These women are all over 50 and share the same goal. Patty explained it best.  “The ideal is that partnership when two minds join up, there is no need for words. You and the horse know what you want from each other, and it becomes a dance. It can’t really be explained, but when it happens it is beautiful.”

The Generation Ride lesson program at Stormwalker Ranch is for riders of all ages from 5 to 95, check it out!

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