The Fields Were Ready For Harvest

After months of preparation, the two days of rain, Wednesday night snow flurries, and sub-freezing temperatures were not exactly that for which the SWR team had been hoping. But Thursday revealed something new…blue skies and sunshine and warmer temperatures.

The aroma of kettle corn and campfire chili filled the air. Kids of all ages ate, played, and hugged some new furry friends. The timeless music and lyrics of Randy Stonehill poured out over the festival, moving and uplifting hearts. Frogs flipped, bean bags were corn-holed, kids screamed as they flew down the giant slide and braved the mechanical bull. Little ones found their way through the straw maze, cakes and pies were won…all to the joy and amazement of near 2,000 friends and family members who joined in from many miles around. You, of course, know this describes the 4th Annual SWR Harvest Festival that welcomed the community last night – Oct. 31st.

As we now celebrate All Saints Day (Nov. 1), even though the field of battle fun sits quiet, the screams of joy and excitement echo on in our memories.

Superheroes unite! 2019 marked the first year the Ranch reached out to the community to help financially support the festival, and we were blessed by businesses, big and small, and individuals who answered the call to be Superheroes with sponsorships from the hundreds to the thousands. Thank you, dear friends, for your tangible support of the ministries and outreach at Stormwalker Ranch. Your donations will allow us to direct more resources towards our many equine-based programs dedicated to helping, supporting and uplifting individuals and groups – kids, teens, and adults – throughout our region.

Attention all Warriors! In anticipation of much larger crowds this year, SWR was powerfully blessed by nearly 170 volunteers who welcomed you as you arrived, help your kids play the games and fill their bags with candy, painted faces, monitored safety, prayed for everyone who joined in, and so much more. A heartfelt “Thank You” to each and everyone who gave yourselves to the benefit of others. 

So, as we each lock the fun and smiles away in our memories, in addition to those who attended, volunteered and supported, we give our deepest gratitude to the Lord our God, Jehovah Jirah, our provider, for making it all possible! 

As dawn broke over the Ranch on Thursday morning, the blue skies and warming sunshine represented the grace of God as He answered the prayers of so many. it was a beautiful day and we were all blessed!

Watch the video for a taste of last night’s fun set to “Good News” by Randy Stonehill.

A special thanks to our community Superhero Sponsors!