Community In Flight

Walking around the Ranch today – far more than 6 ft. from anyone – I was reminded of just how therapeutic it can be outside breathing in the full width, depth and breadth of the world that surrounds us. This Coronavirus has many in our community frightened, immobilized, depressed, and given the uncertainty of the future, maintaining an ever-more distant relationship with hope.

I was thinking about wanting everyone in our community to be able to come out to the Ranch and be refreshed by some equine and outdoor therapy. I wanted this so much that I even put together a plan of how we could invite folks to come out – by appointment only, of course, get out of their homes, and join us for a few minutes of refreshment as they groomed a horse or took a nature walk.

As I was finalizing the plan, I realized, ultimately this may not really be “helping”. We have been asked by our government to do our part to help slow the spread of the virus by staying home and remaining “distanced”. Encouraging folks to come out to the Ranch doesn’t meet those guidelines, and it could, possibly, even be counterproductive. Being part of a community requires us to put the needs of others before our own desires, as well as respecting the wishes of those in authority who are working to protect us.

So, since we cannot have you out to the Ranch just now, we thought we would bring the Ranch to you. Here’s a little video tour of the Ranch as we move from a very wet Winter into Spring.

So, as the dust settles, make a plan to come out and visit us, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, and take-in the beauty of our horses in the wide-open, God-made, prairie of Stormwalker Ranch. Here’s hoping to see you soon!

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