Ranch News – May 2020

A Tale of Three Bears 

Once upon a time, a ranch marketing team came across the Three Bears of Communication 🐻🐻🐻: the Big Bear, the Middle Bear, and the Little Bear. First, they tried the way of the Little Bear. But it was too small, not sharing enough about the great things that were really going on. So, then they tried the way of the Big Bear. But it was much too big because everything was sent out at the same time and was overwhelming. So, finally, they tried the Middle Bear. And, ah, the Middle Bear’s way of sharing their news, updates, and stories throughout the month felt…just right! That is the true story…and we’re sticking with it. 🤠  

We are always looking for ways to best serve our community and to communicate with our extended Stormwalker family. With that in mind, we have decided that, instead of throwing everything at you on the first of every month, we have redesigned our email and social media rollout plans to share the exciting programs, events, stories, and opportunities with you a bit at a time throughout the month.

So, at the beginning of each week, we will share 2-3 bite-sized articles and/or engaging video blogs in an email to you. They will also be posted throughout the week to our social media channels, but, you, our cherished email fam, always get the first look! 🎉🎉 

Happy Birthday to our family & friends…

May 05: Ava M – Happy 13th

May 15: Ms. Jimmie

May 17: Ms. Elayne (Nana)

May 19: Katie – Happy 14th

May 20: Ms. Kelly S.

May 22: Ms. Harmoni

May 23: Ms. Gina

May 23: Mr. Karl! 

May 23: Anna- Happy 19th

Some important dates to remember…

May 10: Mother’s Day 

May 13-15: Fran Hancock – Staff Clinic

May 16-17: Fran Hancock – Volunteer Clinic

May 25: Memorial Day

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