Walking Through the Wind

The power of the wind can be seen most often in the damage it does. A few years back we returned home to Dewey from Christmas in the Sierra Nevadas to find our 14walled trampoline hanging from a tree in the yard. The metal frame was twisted and broken, rendering it unusable. 

Oklahoma is certainly known for its wind, or more specifically, its tornados. It really does come sweeping cross the plains. This destructive vortex leaves a path of destruction wherever it goes. How often do we consult a weather app before heading out on a trip, going to church, or even to the store? As a result, sometimes we dont feel like going because of the weather, or more accurately, the fear it inspires. 

From King Solomons collected wisdom in Ecclesiastes 11:4, we read He who watches the wind will not sow, and he who looks at the clouds will not reap. 

In life, checking the weather, testing the waters, consulting how we feel, will always lead us to find a reason to shirk our responsibility. There will always be some reason we dont feel like forgiving someone. To live in freedom, you often have to go against your feelings and walk against the wind. You may have to forgiveagainst the wind. We consult conditions before keeping our commitments. But commitment means facing resistance with resolve. 

In Matthew 14, right after witnessing Jesus – the Word (John 1:1) – feeding 5,000+ with a boys lunch, the Disciples headed across the lake. In the midst, they encountered a strong storm. In the boat with the wind against them. They were following Jesusassignment, which took them into a storm. They had to keep moving forward against the wind. Jesus showing upin the situation made them feel better, right? Ironically, the Disciples werent terrifieduntil Jesus showed up. Thats why we cant act by our feelings. Often when He is closest, thats the same moment when the wind presses us the hardest. But, Jesus didnt stop the wind. He gave the Word. 

Which one is stronger, the wind or the Word? The answer depends on which one you watch. When Jesus said to Peter, comeand Peter stepped out of the boat, the wind did not have the power to knock Peter down. He didnt begin sinking until he took his eyes off of the Word. The truth is, the wind was against them to prove that the wind bows to the Word. 

Weather is meant to be checked, not watched. Watching lifes forecast leads to fear and gets you lost in your feelings, contradicting Gods will in your life.