True Wellness

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  • Post published:January 1, 2020
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True wellness takes into consideration the animal as a whole being, with the understanding that health is a three-legged stool, including genetics, nutrition, and

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Hotrod’s Teeth

Hi, it’s Hotrod, and I saw the dentist today. We all have a dental checkup about every six months. Some of you may not know this, but dental care for us horses is just as

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California Blue

Hello, my name is Captain Blue Midnite, but most of you know me as “Blue.” I thought I would tell you about our adventure to California. The same destination as Badger

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Life’s a Beach

I want to share some more of our California adventure. We have been working so hard out here and have been exposed to so many different things. Dennis’ place is amazing.

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Out In Californ-i-a
Badger, Dandy, and Hotrod

Out In Californ-i-a

Hello, Badger here, I thought I would tell you the story of Hotrod, Dandy and my adventures in California. One minute we are in Oklahoma, and the next thing you know we

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