A Soft Feel Approach

I am guessing that there are those of you who will identify when I say that my life has been filled with many disappointments. Church, marriage, broken trust, health, money

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Over the past four years as a volunteer and riding student at Stormwalker Ranch I have been blessed by many things. I have been provided with many opportunities

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Be Kind: Thoughtful Intent

Around the Ranch, you will quite often hear people exclaim “I love horses!” However, when we say “love”, what is it that we mean? 1 Corinthians 13:4a tells us that “Love is patient, love is kind…

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Walking Through the Wind

The power of the wind can be seen most often in the damage it does. A few years back we returned home to Dewey from Christmas in the Sierra Nevada’s to find our 14’ walled

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And He said “Well Done”

Early in the morning, in the ancient, walled capital city of Xian, I was lead to the back of the building with no signs, up the rickety staircase, and through unmarked double

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