Kelley Goodall Feature3

Building Partnership

The mission of Stormwalker Ranch stresses the importance of building partnerships. Through building equine partnerships, our riders learn to build partnerships within their family, their friends, the community and do so in right relationship with our Creator.

The Ranch itself also needs to build strong partnerships in order to be sustained and flourish. We can think of no one better to help us with this exciting opportunity than long-time friend, Kelley Goodall, whom I’ve had the honor of knowing for close to 40 years.

After years of working in the Information Technology space, Kelley now returns to her roots, serving the Lord in outdoor programs and coaching. Kelley joins our full-time team as our Director of Development and Coaching Ministries. 

Kelley graduated from Biola University in Recreation & Camp Administration, which she has been using regularly as SWR expands its camp programs. She is a gifted communicator who has already begun to significantly increase our community participation and engagement. Kelley is focused on establishing personal and community relationships, sharing the mission of the Ranch and serving as a conduit for volunteering and cultivating financial partnerships. 

What’s more, Kelley is also a very talented and compassionate Life Coach with more than 15 years of working with individuals and families to identify and address life obstacles while guiding people into understanding themselves and moving their personal plans and purposes fully forward. She has two Master’s Degrees from Talbot School of Theology in Christian Ministry and Leadership – the first with an emphasis in Pastoral Care and Counseling and the second in Women’s Ministries. Paired with years of experiential learning, her education and gifts form the foundation of her coaching ministry. Kelley is working with our Program team to help provide a path of transformation in the diverse lives of program participants.

From the years I have known her, I have learned that Kelley loves deeply, shares honestly, and has earned both my trust and respect.