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Hearts of Thanks

The chilling winds and the below-freezing temperatures are clear signs that Fall is bowing out and bundled-up days of Winter are nigh. This is the time of year I love the most. We are decelerating as the cold of the season naturally slows us down. However, with the Holidays on the horizon, busyness reaches whole new levels.

On the heels of our 4th Annual Harvest Festival, I continue to move about our community in search of neighbors to partner with us. Recently, both the Salvation Army and On the Rock Ministries had fabulous awareness events. And many other organizations that will soon do the same. We pray great outcomes for our partners and friends as we all soon step into a new decade. 

Despite the strong shift in the weather, SWR remains busy and active, as seen in the outstanding growth in our Generation Ride lesson programs, our Gates of Grace adult programs, and our Spurs community programs. More and more people are learning about Stormwalker Ranch and the variety of wonderful and different programs we offer to organizations and individuals throughout our community. And we could not do it without Partners like you! 

If I could, I would thank each of you face-to-face, as you share with your family and friends, who we are, what we do and how you are personally being inspired. I had four different individuals come up to me this past week to tell me that Stormwalker Ranch is the best-kept secret here in Washington County. I laughed and laughed because, “I know.And I am here to see that the secret gets out! 

But I need your help. Please encourage more people to become personally engaged in helping to increase the awareness of the life-changing programs at Stormwalker Ranch. Talk to those you know and love and tell them what SWR means to you. Let them know how the programs and work here are impacting lives. Share your stories of healing, change, and growth. 

As a non-profit, we need faithful supporters like you to pray and financial partners to help us transition solidly from 2019 to 2020. Along with my thanks to God for all the growth and expansion we have received, this is one of my most active prayers. 

And at this time of Thanksgiving, we are ever grateful for your kindness and enthusiasm in sharing with those you know about Stormwalker Ranch. Please join me in celebrating and giving thanks for the harvest of blessings for all that God has given to us and allowed us to share with others. 

On behalf of our the Stormwalker Ranch family, a very Happy Thanksgiving to all!