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The Spirit of the Horse

Spending the bulk of my time this summer at the Ranch with camps and programs, I have had many moments when I have simply stopped to observe the lay of our land, new things being taught and learned, and the creatures who help us accomplish our mission. 

Our horses are true partners in all our work. These unbridled beauties are the primary element to the foundation of our program at Stormwalker Ranch. Each day they step up heartily to do their job to fulfill our motto of Helping Horses Help People.

For more than 40 years, I have been observing these creature’s characteristics and their lifestyle. They live in a place of freedom and independence, yet will follow you without being asked. They are built for relationship and there are order and position within their social structure with the allowance for each one to grow and thrive. 

Companionship within a herd is reflected in their power and strength as well as their yieldedness and humility. They care about each other, are comforting and gentle; nevertheless at times also very direct, even corrective with each other. And they watch out for one another. They are also kind and loving.  

These identifiers remind me of Paul’s letter to the Colossians* in which the walk of the Christ-follower is similarly echoed in the life and spirit of the horse.

We were created and then chosen by God to worship Him. We have been built for relationship and charged to live in harmony and community. We are commanded to live peaceably and with thankful hearts, called to be accountable to one another, to care for God’s creatures, to live in order and to learn and grow. 

The example and influence of the horse is not an absolute guideline for how we as humans are to live, of course, but they can be refreshing reminders of how God has designed and directed us to live and how Christ intentionally modeled life for us all.

If you would like a few reminders, you are welcome to stop on by the Ranch anytime! I’m sure a few of our four-leggers would love a few minutes with you!

I’m headed to the barn for a conversation or two!

*Colossians 3:12-17