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Built for Relationships

Summer is still in session, and I am immersed in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for some rest and relaxation. 

Before I departed, a dear friend gifted me a book about horses to congratulate and encourage me in my work at Stormwalker Ranch. It is a lovely compilation of quotes and comments along with a few brief observances about horses. In my reading time, it has spurred me to more deeply consider our unique SWR environment and the partnership I share in my work each day with both people and horses. 

I thought I would offer some of my perspectives on the equine partners we hold dear here at the Ranch, and how we are all built for relationships – between the horses themselves, between us as humans, and the connection that we share with the horses as they help us each day. 

From the book, Unbridled Beauty –  

Even among wild horses a social structure, a sense of order, can be found. Horses care about and watch out for each other. The weakest members are often found in the safest spot – the middle of the herd, surrounded by loving and powerful members of the community.  Those horses that “misbehave” are sometimes expelled from the herd. Isolation is absolutely necessary for the benefit and smooth operation of the entire group. This social infrastructure allows each individual a safe haven in which to grow and thrive. 

We are individually designed and endowed with a unique set of gifts and talents, but we are also built for relationships and a need for order. We have greater opportunities for discipleship when we feel secure enough to make new associations with others. A stable and orderly environment offers the freedom to develop healthy relationships with others and a genuine sense of community.  p.19 

As I spend precious time with my family, my thoughts about relating to them are primary. There are deep roots to these relationships, and I am intentionally investing in them to help keep them growing even stronger. When I return to the Ranch and our wonderful community, I plan to do the same! 

Whatever you have done this Summer, I hope that your Autumn harvest is abundant and full of blessings!  Enjoy your remaining days of sun and fun! 

*Colossians 3:12-17