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Nine Lives Completed

As many of you remember, back in January we introduced you to Virgil, our Barn Cat. Well, I’m sad to report that we recently lost our beloved Virgil.

On a beautiful spring day, we laid to rest our Good Ol’ Barn Cat, Virgil Earp, in the back forty of Stormwalker Ranch. Virgil had a rag to riches life, from stray to star. He will be greatly missed, especially his best friend and playmate Ringo. His funeral progression left the barn with heavy hearts early afternoon April 16th with pall bearers Sudi and Bono. Other attendees were Valerie, Mindy, Debra, Luke, Jimmie, Cheryl, Lana, and myself.  Amazing Grace was sung and each shared a memory of Virgil, a Good Ol’ Barn Cat.

Unfortunately, the joy of having and loving a pet goes hand-in-hand with their eventual loss. And it is often the first time many kids are exposed to the concept of mortality, to life and death. So, helping them understand and cope with grief will strengthen them in with future.

Our children are at different ages, maturity levels and life experiences and these can be used to gauge how much information we give. Calmly explain what has happened. Be brief, then let their questions guide how much more is discussed. Be honest about your feelings. Show them that it’s okay to be sad for a time before refocusing on the many blessings in your lives.

“A new day will dawn on us from above because our God is loving and merciful.” – Luke 1:78

Barn Rules – Naomi Walls

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