Blessed Growing Pains

We are solidly into 2019 and are adding new students to our Generation Ride riding lesson program on practically a weekly basis. Also, we continue to be contacted by new groups interested in our newly named Gates of Grace program for adult men and women who could benefit from our unique therapeutic equine programs. What’s more, as we plan for Summer 2019, we already have three times more camps booked than we did in 2018. We are humbled by God’s great blessings!

With this growth taking place so quickly, it can be tough to keep up. If you have been receiving our monthly newsletter (If not, use the form at the bottom), keeping in touch on Social Media (see icons in the footer) or through friends of the Ranch, you know we are on the hunt for both more horses and more instructors to meet the growing needs of the kids, youth, and adults in our region. These growing pains have led to an incredible blessing, Buddy and Jimmie Blake. They joined our full-time staff in early February. In the short time I have known them, I have grown more and more impressed by the loving and accepting individuals God has molded them into being.

Buddy and Jimmie epitomize the image of the Hollywood cowboy lifestyle. I love their personal motto: “We live a cowboy lifestyle of faith.” They would do anything possible to help a friend in need, their handshake means something, and their word can be trusted.

As Buddy and Jimmie work on their CHA certification, they will be working on our Instructor Team and as needed on our Ranch Operations team. In addition to their work at SWR, they have a ranch of their own, “Ray of Hope Ranch.” For both Buddy and Jimmie, Ray of Hope Ranch is a place where horses and people come together to connect and heal. For a real treat, stop by the barn and meet them for your yourself!