Connections through Spurs

Horses have distinct personalities and, like us, have social roles within their herd. This alikeness allows us to identify and form connections with the horses which leads to

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Spotlight: The Reliables

I was walking through the barn the other day and greeted Elayne Scott, as she was helping one of our Gates of Grace clients lead a horse from the pasture up to the barn and

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New Program: Spurs

Spurs is designed for groups of all ages. Group leaders, business owners, along with managers and executives in corporate settings who wish to experience accelerated

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Building Partnerships

Building Partnership The mission of Stormwalker Ranch stresses the importance of building partnerships. Through building equine partnerships, our riders learn to build

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Blessed Growing Pains

Blessed Growing Pains We are solidly into 2019 and are adding new students to our Generation Ride riding lesson program on practically a weekly basis. Also, we continue

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