Spotlight: Tehya Walls

Tehya Walls (Aka Tater) has been a long-time rider and volunteer at Stormwalker Ranch. She is the daughter of Doug and Naomi Walls and little sister to Quincie. She is

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Spotlight: Patty Canon

Mrs. Patty Canon is not only a spectacular student here at Stormwalker Ranch, but also one of our fabulous volunteers! Patty has loved horses since she was a little girl

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Tomorrow’s Leaders

School has started here in the Midwest, ready or not. The Staff and all those who frequent Stormwalker Ranch greatly miss seeing our beloved, teenage “Barn Rats”...

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Country Living

Welcome to the Ranch, Augustus (Gus Gus) and Lorie Darlin. Yes, we are known to use western movie characters when naming our beloved animals here at SWR

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Spotlight: Sarah Gomez

Sarah recently completed her third year of job training classes through WE Pro$per and is currently assigned to work at ARF to fulfill her required 100 hours of work experience

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One Barn Rat at a Time

Early in the morning, on Saturday, May 27th, we held our very first “Barn Rat” Training Day. The first of many. What is a Barn Rat, you ask? The SWR Barn Rats are the glue that

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Nine Lives Completed

As many of you remember, back in January we introduced you to Virgil, our Barn Cat. Well, I’m sad to report that we recently lost our beloved Virgil. On a beautiful spring day

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