Connections and Weavings
Alan and Kristy Spence (left). Lois and Mike Bryan (right).

Connections and Weavings

The phone rang bright and early Wednesday morning. I was getting ready to head out to the Ranch. I picked up, delighted to hear Lois Bryan’s voice. Lois volunteers at...

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Sponsor a Horse
A group of wild horses posing for the camera at sunrise in the mountains.

Sponsor a Horse

As I watched from the rail, the trainer leaned toward me sharing why he was telling my best friend to check the position of her feet in the stirrups. She needed to correct

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The Stormwalker Way

As our year comes into its final month, there is so much I want to share. However, I thought I would sum it all up by sharing this note from one of our clients who is walking

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Gates of Grace Birthday

With a strong breakaway from the starting gate and increasing reach throughout the year, coming around the inside and across the finish line…it’s Gates of Grace turning

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