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About SWR

About Us

Stormwalker Ranch has a passion for “helping horses help people.” Using proven techniques and unique experiences, the Ranch works to help people build meaningful connections and relationships, develop skills for personal growth and uncover thoughts, behaviors and actions that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns. Located on almost 140 acres of northeast Oklahoma prairie, the Ranch includes a beautiful welcome center, offices, a fully enclosed indoor arena, an outdoor arena, training pen, active paddocks, indoor stalls, forested areas, grass-covered fields, and more.

Our Vision

For everyone to have
the Resources and Relationships
to successfully walk through
the storms of their lives.


Helping Horses Help People
walk through life’s storms, building
healthy relationships with their Creator, family, friends and

We realize our VISION is bigger than our MISSION

Everyone needs help, but we understand

that we are not the right people to help everyone.

Building relationships with other individuals and organizations will continue to be a priority


We are blessed to have a wonderful and talented team of professionals here at Stormwalker Ranch. A broad range of professional skills honed over many years has yielded a strong and fun-loving ranch family.


Kelley Goodall


Kelley’s focus is to build community and to develop financial partnerships. She also works to educate, equip, empower and encourage people to discover how God made them to be intentional in attaining personal wholeness, stability, interpersonal confidence, and spiritual maturity. Kelley holds Master’s degrees in Pastoral Care & Counseling as well as Women’s Ministries from Talbot School of Theology (BIOLA Univ.) and a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation & Camp Administration. Kelley is also a certified life coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and a member of the International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA). For more than 10 years, she has operated “Intentional Being,” her life coaching business.

Valerie Eshleman

Valerie Eshleman

Barn Manager

Valerie has been at the ranch since 2017 and has been focused on developing and executing the care and custody programs for our equine partners, ensuring that we truly are Helping our Horses Help people.   Valerie’s love of horses, as with so many girls, began when she was young, and she carried this love of horses over into her professional career. She spent time learning equine care and treatment while working for an Equine Veterinarian. This valuable experience led her to become a Barn Manager at a large show barn where she was responsible for the care of 80 head of show and lesson horses. She truly believes that horses have healing abilities. Valerie holds certifications with the Certified Horsemanship Association and EAGALA.


Jesse “Earl” Thornton

Facilities & Equipment Coordinator

The ranch has been blessed with an excellent team Facilities and Equipment coordinator in Earl Thornton.  Earl loves reading which comes in handy since he loves reading manuals in order to keep the ranch equipment up and running.    Earl is responsible for keeping the ranch property beautiful and the equipment running.   He also loves working at his own farm ensuring that his crops, cattle and pigs are well cared for.

Steve Lindquist

Steve Lindquist

Executive Director

Steve Lindquist joined the Stormwalker Ranch Team in February of 2022.  He is committed to leading the Ranch through the transition from traditional programming to becoming a premier center for the provision of Horse Assisted Learning Opportunities for groups and individuals. With more than 20 years of Non-Profit Executive Level Leadership experience, Steve is a true horseman, with a passion for helping the hurt and struggling.

Kym Lipscomb

Kym Lipscomb

Director of Therapeutic Services

Kym joins us from the heart of Texas where she has been involved in the equine therapy world for the past 11 years. Having served as a director in trauma-informed therapy programs for the past 9 years, Kym is a relationship minded professional with the mission of providing healing through horses to build connection through safety, awareness, regulation and relationship.

Kym is trained in several trauma-informed models of equine assisted therapy, Advanced Natural Lifemanship and Equusoma, and holds a certification as a Masterson Method Equine Specialist and is a registered PATH Instructor. With a herd of 2 humans, 5 equines, 3 dogs and a cat, she believes wholeheartedly in each individual feeling seen and heard. Her life is informed by walking in her Identity in Christ.


Mindy Stewart

Senior Equine Specialist

Mindy Stewart, RVT is a lifelong equestrian. She uses her certifications of being a Certified Mental Health Coach, Eagala Equine Specialist and CHA Instructor to help others. She has obtained her Associates of Science with Equine Technology degree from Connors State College in 2001 and is an Oklahoma Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners certified Registered Veterinary Technician. She continues her education striving to become a better horseman and creating meaningful relationships with horses and humans alike. Mindy and her husband Trayson as well own/operate their own ranch, T & M Stables and Minis On a Mission in Delaware, OK.

Naomi Walls

Naomi Walls

Office Manager and Equine Specialist

“I couldn’t imagine my daughters growing up without the friendship and responsibility of their horses.” Naomi was first introduced to Stormwalker Ranch when her daughters began taking riding lessons at the Ranch. She loves to see how the horses impact the lives of kids and adults who participate in programs, and events. Over the years working at the ranch Naomi has pursued and achieved her Equine Specialist Certification with Eagala and she has become a IBCC Board Certified Mental Health Coach.  She is looking forward to continuing her work at the ranch as she incorporates that which she has learned from these certifications to impact the lives of children, young adults and their families.   Naomi and her husband are owner/operators of a custom harvesting business and a small family farm. Naomi is also a substitute teacher and an actively involved mom of three, earning her in-house nickname of “Barn Mom.”


Marie Tanner

Equine Specialist

Marie is a goal-oriented member of our team who recognizes the value of incorporating animals in any form of therapy.   Marie has worked with the ranch as a valued member of the team supporting our Gates of Grace program and working with individual clients as they navigate life’s obstacles.   Marie is a IBCC Board Certified Mental Health Coach and is certified through Eagala as an Equine Specialist.  She is looking forward to continuing down our journey of Mental Health Education.

Let's change the world, Join us now!

Our volunteers love horses and enjoy people, making for a fun and fulfilling time during lessons, camps, and/or special events.