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Stormwalker Ranch has a passion for “helping horses help people.” Using proven techniques and unique experiences, the Ranch works to help people build meaningful connections and relationships, develop skills for personal growth and uncover thoughts, behaviors and actions that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns. Located on almost 140 acres of northeast Oklahoma prairie, the Ranch includes a beautiful welcome center, offices, a fully enclosed indoor arena, an outdoor arena, training pen, active paddocks, indoor stalls, forested areas, grass-covered fields, and more.

Our Vision

For everyone to have
the Resources and Relationships
to successfully walk through
the storms of their lives.


Helping Horses Help People
walk through life’s storms, building
healthy relationships with their Creator, family, friends and community.

How does the Ranch "Help Horses Help People?"
By providing Halos (Horse assisted Learning Opportunities). Utilizing 3 core methodologies, the Ranch is able to engage with individuals and groups, men and women, from 8 to 98.



Through the EAGALA method, Stormwalker Ranch utilizes a team approach, partnering with licensed mental health professionals with an equine specialist, working together with horses and clients as equal partners in an experiential process that empowers life-changing outcomes.
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On the Ranch, we are always opening and closing gates specifically placed for protection. Some of our adults have been locked behind emotional or physical gates. Through therapeutic equine activities - like round pen, horseback riding, Equine Experiential Learning, life coaching, and family-style meals - they find community, acceptance & encouragement.
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Through Stormwalker Ranch’s GRIT Program. GRIT stands for Growing Relationships through Intentional Transformation which is a Life Skills Program. A program for individuals seeking to build meaningful connections and relationships, develop skills for personal growth and uncover thoughts, behaviors and actions that keep us stuck and disconnected in our relationships with ourselves and others.
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Pamela Crawford District Governor, Rotary International – District 6110

Having visited Stormwalker on more than one occasion, I'm always awed at how intuitive the horses are to the mood of the people. It helps us understand how our human emotions and actions can influence events around us and how we might better manage them. The Gates of Grace program is a tremendous asset to the region.

Sharon Hurst & Don Laughlin owners of Crossing 2nd

When we were invited to visit Stormwalker Ranch, we jumped at the chance. We’ve seen firsthand, having horses of our own, how these animals can help people develop such patience and self-discipline and empathy for other living creatures. And that’s what we saw happening at the Ranch. We witnessed bonds created between humans and animals, and students learning as much from their horses as the horses learned from them. The work they are doing at Stormwalker Ranch is truly inspirational.

Roger and Angela Box

The first time we visited SWR, we were sitting on the front porch and several young women from the Gates of Grace program were coming in after completing a group session. We exchanged greetings and asked how they were doing. One thin young girl made the comment, "Mondays are my Sundays." Obviously, she found her time there inspiring. Not surprising as it is an inspiring place! This is just one example of why my husband, and I are supportive of Stormwalker Ranch. The magic that can happen between horses and humans is happening here and helping so many in our area who need that lucky to have it here!


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Our volunteers love horses and enjoy people, making for a fun and fulfilling time during lessons, camps, and/or special events.