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SWR Blog: Indescribable Moments

A very influential man in my life once said:

A good horse will lend you its speed, agility and strength when you ask for it; but a great horse will lend you its spirit when yours is broken.”

Those words have stuck with me through many years, even during my more than 10-year break from horses and riding.

As human beings, we all have moments when certain things in life have chipped, or carved, away at our spirit. But as horsemen, we have a secret weapon for times like those.

For me, now, horses are my early morning feed and grooming routine, followed by a ride around the meadow, with the only the sound of birds and rustling grass around my horse’s feet.  I have found that at times in my life when everything feels like it’s going terribly wrong, my horse will do the most beautiful lead change or lope departure, and I experience a moment…a moment of accomplishment, which takes you a bit closer to restoration.

I remember it happening for me, just when I most needed it.  Indescribable. Hopeful. Miraculous. How about you?

Now, git on out and give that special horse in your life a few extra minutes love, for all the little moments they’ve done for you!

Harmoni Tate


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