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SWR Blog: Some Horses are a Little Sassy!

A singular day with a little Paso Fino named Esé.

I went on a trail ride with my coworkers, Lisa and Jon, who are amazing horsemen. Then there is me, still learning all about having quiet energy and soft feel with my horse.  Both of these can be quite hard to achieve when your atop a hot-blooded Peruvian steed.

I always felt that gaited horses were just made for trail riding. And that was true right up to the point I asked Esé to go down a hill.  After what seemed like an eternity of both my trying everything I knew, as well as Lisa and Jon’s ideas, this little guy was not giving in. We tried different crossings.  We even found a lower incline. Nada. Finally, I decided that we were both too worked up to keep discussing this in this fashion, so I dismounted and walked him down.

Once mounted again, we rested for a bit in the dry creek bed. I truly couldn’t even imagine what the struggle would have been like if the creek had been flowing. But we will be back and working on this again soon.

I learned some very interesting things about  Esé that day. He does not want to go down anything–not even a small step. But going up? No problem! For up, just point him and up he goes like a shot. And as a rider, I also learned: there is always room to turn around and go back up, even if you don’t think so; and you always have one more option to try, if you’re open to it.

In the end, I can’t really complain. My noble little Paso carried up anything and everything I pointed him at. And he got me back the barn safe and sound. Muchas gracias, Esé.

Harmoni Tate


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