STORMWALKER RANCH riding lessons are not your general riding lesson! Our lessons start with an evaluation of you or your child’s personal goals and/or struggles in riding and your current level of riding, whether that is to ride better, safer, and increase your fun or if you’re looking to improve your performance in the show pen or rodeo arena!! Once we have developed your education and training plan with you, each of your lessons will be specialized to help you reach those goals through education in balanced riding, use of proper aids, advancement in understanding equine behavior, and utilization of natural horsemanship training techniques. These lessons can be done with you and your horse, or with one of our amazing SWR lesson/show horses! So don’t worry if you don’t own your own horse or are not able to bring your own horse to lessons. We also have a wonderful collection of saddles and bridles, so no need to bring your own tack, though you are certainly welcome to bring your own! All you need for SWR lessons is you, your passion for horses, and a love for fun and learning!!

We offer lessons in both Western and English disciplines. Our form of riding is developed on an understanding of balanced riding though the education of rider biomechanics. In this way, we teach all forms of Western riding (trail/pleasure riding, western show, ranch, rodeo, etc) and most forms of English riding (we teach all flat work and basics need for jumping but do not currently provide jumping lessons) and all the different riding positions needed to perform properly and safely in either of these disciplines. From the person who has never been on a horse, to the seasoned professional, our lessons will provide you with the education you need to ride to the top. For the seasoned show pro, rodeo, and competitive rider, we can help you solve your riding challenges and/or provide you with the bump you need to take you and your horse to the next level!!! 

Educational Lesson Programs for Kids and Teens @ Stormwalker Ranch

SWR riding programs utilize riding lessons, care and maintenance of horses, their barn environment, tack, and education of all things equine to build their self-confidence, self-awareness, personal learning skills, responsibility, and social skills. Not only at the barn but in their day to day life at home, in school, and in their community! 

The horse and participant are paired together and taught as a team. Young riders are limited in their extended interactions beyond riding as it is important to wait until their physical abilities allow them to interact with their horse at a more advanced level safely (Safety FIRST!). Participants who are capable of advanced interactions (such as leading, catching, grooming, saddling, feeding, etc.) are expected to take on the full responsibility for care and treatment of their assigned horse at all times while on the property. As a students abilities to successfully complete specific tasks develop and they are able to show that they can perform these tasks safely and effectively, their lesson plans and responsibilities will advance.