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SWR Blog: Curry Your Way to a Captivating Coat

#1 – The Rubber Curry Comb – This little do-dad should be your best grooming tool. I don’t recommend skimping on this one!

Series: Quick Tips for a Beautiful Horse

Grooming your horse is a fantastic way to build your relationship from the ground, especially on those rainy days or those days your mental game just isn’t there for ground work or riding. Grooming can additionally be relaxing for both of you. Taking an opportunity to bring out your horse’s shiny coat can also give you a chance to throughly look over your horse over, from top to bottom, ensuring you haven’t missed any small wounds that may need attention.

The full grooming process can be a rather daunting task, and knowing the full process is important, before deciding what small parts you can do that day. So, these blogs will help you to understand the smaller, quicker ways to utilize grooming in your daily horsemanship, to help you show off your horse’s inner equine supermodel!

A rubber curry comb is designed to do much more than remove the nasty mud and muck marks your handsome horse comes into the barn with. First, the rubber curry comb is designed to lift the thousands of hairs your horse loses every day. Once lifted, the circular motion make actually lays the hairs that are still attached down. They don’t just lay down on their own, do yours?

Believe it or not, their hair has been coated with a film of oil. Yuck! The teeth on your curry comb stimulate the skin and aid the oil that is locked at the base of the hair shaft by the skin to swirl (“curry”) its way to coat the tip of the hair. But you may notice that your horse not only doesn’t look shinny yet, but actually looks almost “dusty”. This is from the dead skins cells, dust, dirt and all the other wonderful things our horses get stuck in their coat, being circled to the top coat.

And, in the final step of a quick curry session, always brush your horse down with a dandy brush. A medium or soft brush is best, as it won’t go deep enough to pull up excess dirt and dander up. The soft bristles will shine and naturally condition your horses coat! Say “bye bye” to all those products designed to add shine! Natural shine will win every time, as it is a truly healthy coat.

A curry comb and brush combo will not only leave your horse looking their best, but the brush gives them a wonderful massage, resulting in a more relaxed and willing horse.

Lisa Wegener
Director of Riding Programs




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