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SWR Blog: Learning About Body Energy

who knew that an 80 lb. kid could move this 1000 lb. horse at will using only body energy?”

I am sitting here in the midst of lots of Stormwalker Ranch  paperwork, but am thinking back to the great times we had at the Spring Extravaganza and the Summer Hoofbeats programs. Some of my favorite parts were seeing the students gain an understanding of the notion of body language (human and equine) and how we use our core energy to speak with our horse with clarity to achieve movement. When students realized that their horse saw them as his/her leader when they directed their energy to the eye, the shoulder, or to the hindquarters and moved accordingly, the students were pumped!

As I explained to them, who knew that an 80 lb. kid could move this 1000 lb. horse at will, using only body energy? This was an epic moment for them and for me as their teacher. The balance of the days to come began with “Can we push Peppy’s eye and do turns on the hindquarters today? Can we drive him (from the rear)?” All this from a group of 10-year-old students. learning the foundations of natural horsemanship.

The language of horses can be used as a tool to aid movement throughout the species, without regard to breed, size, or color. Individuals may vary in response, but the use of body energy applies in every case. Too much fun for an old guy…to see the learning and excitement of these SWR students….what a rush! And the greatest part is, that with some study on the nature of horses and how they communicate, this could be you!

Now go out to the barn and spend 30 minutes working with your horse. You’ll feel better as a result!

Dr. Karl Cloninger
Director of Products & Programs



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