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SWR Blog: Horsing Around with Harmoni – Snuffy


Every lesson program needs that one horse, that no matter how new a rider is, will make them feel comfortable.  And at Stormwalker Ranch that horse is SNUFFY.”

Having begun his riding career as a hot-headed racehorse, it seemed unlikely that Snuffy would turn out to be the horse that would walk as slow as possible just to make the a new rider feel at ease. Much of this can be attributed to the love of–a then teenage–Lisa Wegener (Stormwalker Ranch’s current Director of Riding), over the 15 years that she has owned him.

Let’s face it, new riders make mistakes. But Snuffy always seems willing to forgive those mistakes, remaining calm, cool and collected. I have seen Snuffy take scared, little girls and help them transform into exquisite riders. People who are normally quite scared of horses, are inexplicably drawn to pet Snuffy. Yea, he’s just that awesome!

Snuffy has carried our students safely through countless milestone: first Cowboy Dressage tests, first trail rides, first lopes…and in doing so, has built their confidence to grow into young horsemen and women. Personally, there is no other horse I would have trusted to carry me all over the Woolaroc ranch of the oil baron Frank Phillips on a 8 hour trail ride…with one arm in a cast!

Snuffy rocks!

Harmoni Tate



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