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SWR Blog: “Horsing Around with Harmoni” – BBQ Blue

O Captain!  My Captain!”

– Walt Whitman

Captain Blue Midnight, or Blue as he is called, is quite an fun guy to be around.  He is always around to give a helping hoof, mostly he is just really  in the way but at least he is fun to look at.

There are a few things that are good to know about Blue. He is the head honcho of his pasture and eats first. When on a trail ride, swing wide when passing. When cleaning the water trough in his pasture, be prepared for his “help”. And if he sets his mind not to do something, good luck changing his mind.

However, the thing Blue has become known for of late is his tail, or better put, his lack of tail.  All summer it has been, “Poor Blue, he has no tail.” And why? Because earlier this year, he let another horse chew it off.  Have no fear, horse-lovers, there is a solution: a magical potion called MTG (Mane and Tail growth).  It’s amazing stuff!  Only a month of use and his tail has grown about 6 inches.  There is one issue about MTG…it smells like smoked BBQ. So after each application, my hands smell like smoked BBQ. and so does Blue.  This distinct aroma has earned him the new nickname “BBQ Blue”.

 Harmini Tate


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