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SWR Blog: Exercises for the Equestrian

PHYSICAL FITNESS is one of the keys to good horsemanship, whether it be the equine partner of the pair or the human partner.  There are numerous exercises out there advertised to make you an “amazing” rider. But in case you don’t want to spends hours researching, here are a few of my favorite types of exercises for Equestrians:

  1. PILATES:  Pilates is all about body awareness, core strengthen, and stretching. These are key components to being a balanced rider and clearly communicating with your horse.  The best thing is, you don’t have to run out and join a gym to benefit.  Watch the video below for some helpful Pilates videos specifically for Equestrians:
  2. YOGA: Yoga focuses on stretching the body and energy awareness. However, it is difficult to learn properly from a video. Look for a Yoga studio near you for professional instruction.
  3. CARDIO: Cardio is going to be vital to having the endurance to stay in the saddle for hours at a time. The way I like to think of cardio is that if we expect our equine partners to be in peak physical condition why wouldn’t we be also!

Kerrits Pilates for Equestrians Part 1:

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